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Telecommute Scala Developer
at OUTR Technologies, LLC in Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Full-Time, Remote
January 06
Sr. Scala BPM Developer - DC Area/Telecommute
at Primotus Division CargoTel, Inc. in baltimore, MD, MD, United States
Full-Time, Remote
September 16
Software Engineer - Java/Scala
at Chartboost in San Francisco, CA, USA
Full-Time, In-House
August 06
Software Developer (Scala and Java)
at BlueGlue in London, United Kingdom
Full-Time, In-House
June 12
Senior Web Developer
at Enfold in Boston, MA, USA
Full-Time, In-House
April 24
Sr Engineer
at Poshly, Inc in San Francisco, CA, US
Full-Time, In-House
March 09
Software Engineer - Platform API
at Klout in San Francisco, California, United States
Full-Time, In-House
January 13
Scala Senior Software Engineer
at Game Play Network, Inc. in West Los Angeles, CA, USA
Full-Time, In-House
October 06
Senior Software Engineer - Amsterdam
at ITP Select in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Full-Time, In-House
August 19
Scala Developer
at Moixa Technology Ltd in London, London, United Kingdom
Full-Time, In-House
August 14
Senior server engineer
at Reverb in SAN MATEO, CA, United States
Full-Time, In-House
March 20
Scala Engineer
at Golden Frog in Austin, TX, USA
Full-Time, In-House
March 14
Scala Developer
at MoneyFarm sim spa in Milano, Italia, Italia
Full-Time, In-House
March 12
Scala Search Platform Architect
at WhitePages in Seattle, Washington, United States
Full-Time, In-House
March 11